Pololu micro unipolar stepper drive?

Here is a question that might be streaching it a bit. In your oppinion would it be possible to drive a unipolar stepper, such as a harvested HDD spindle, with a pololu micro and the right Pbasic code? Now, I’m not talking about driving it very fast mind you. Just about to the 8 or 9 volt limit. After all if i’m right, the micro outputs PWM and if I time it just right with the bs2, it stands to reason that It could work right?
Or should I avoid this configuration.
The micro, fits the size constraints for my project.
What do you think?


The micro motor controller cannot control stepper motors, and you can’t get around that by changing your Stamp program. What you would need to do is to change (i.e. rewrite) the firmware on the microcontroller to generate the correct sequence of pulses to the motor driver. You probably cannot get very good performance out of the system since there isn’t the hardware to simultaneously control the motor and parse user commands. However, if you could get away with a design in which you send a command and then the motor controller moves the stepper motor some number of steps before stopping and waiting for the next command, that should be possible.

- Jan

OK that makes more sense. Jan, thanks for your help. I will just need to adjust my circuit config to accomidate a stepper dive IC.