Pololu MD01B - open load detection in off mode

Hello guys:

I’m going to use the Polulu MD01B to drive a 9V DC motor but before I would have few questions…

I have seen on the datasheet of VNH3SP30 that there is an open load detection and I feel a bit confused about how to use this interesting feature. ( I want to detect if my motor is correctly plugged or not)

Basically I want to use this motor in only one direction (CCW) so I’m gonna to pull down the INa and drive the motor only with INb. I guess I have to let ENa and ENb pulled up in order to make it works correctly.

In off mode, should I tie ENa or ENb to GND in order to detect the high impedance on OUTa or OUTb ?

Thanks very much for your help.


If your plan is to have out B driven high and out A alternating between driven low and floating, it looks like ENa is the pin you want to drive low to cause out A to float.

- Jan