Pololu jrk usb motor driver serial mode operation using arduino

Dear Sir,
Please help us to do the serial mode operation of Pololu jrk usb motor driver using arduino.


We moved your post to our Motor controllers/drivers and motors subforum, which seems more appropriate.

We cannot write your program for you. However, I would be happy to answer any specific questions about the jrk and its serial interface as well as take a look at your code if you have something written.

If you are new to Arduino programming, you might find looking at the Programming section on the Foundations page on the Arduino website helpful. I suggest reading the “Using the Serial Interface” section of the Jrk USB Motor Controller User’s Guide before you start writing code. You might also try using our Serial Transmitter software to get familiar with the jrk’s serial commands. All the serial commands for the jrk are listed under the following sections of the jrk’s user’s guide: Motor Control Commands, Error Reporting Commands, and Variable Reading Commands.

- Amanda

Thank you, Ma’am. I want only the steps for doing that, I will go through the details you gave and after that, I will contact you if needed.