Pololu Jrk 12v12 USB Motor Controller with Feedback

Dear all,
I was wondering if I can use this micro controller board/motor controller to build my own power servo.
I need to get output voltage for the motor in both directions.
I need a closed loop feedback.

This should be used then to make a pretty powerfull sailboat winch (turning something between 1 and 10 turns using a 10turn potentiometer together with a potentiometer in series to adjust the 0…5V range.

Can someone confirm this would work, please?


Yes, our jrk motor controllers can do closed-looped control of a motor with a feedback potentiometer to use it as a servo like you described. The ultra-high-torque i00800 and i00600 Torxis servos that we carry have a jrk inside that is used for this purpose.

By the way, the manufacturer, Invenscience, carries a couple 3510 degree (or 9.75 turn) Torxis servos that you might be interested in.