Pololu High-Power Motor Driver 36v9 Arduino

Hi I have a problem with my driver at the moment that I want to send a PWM signal with my arduino the both flags activated showing that a under voltage problem was occurring so I added a capacitor in parallel with the motor but now only one flag activated showing that is a short circuit problem, I don’t know what could be the problem, the motor I am using is a dc brushed motor 12v 6A


We moved your post to the “Motor controllers/drivers and motors” section of the forum since it seemed more appropriate.

You should probably move the capacitor so it is across the power input (VIN and GND) instead of the output. Could you post more details about your setup? What signals are you sending the driver? Could you post pictures that show all of your connections, as well as some close-up pictures showing both sides of your High-Power Motor Driver? What do the fault flags read when you remove the motor and the capacitor (so nothing is connected to the output)?

Also, do you have a datasheet or a link to the product page for your motor?