Pololu G2 High-Power Motor Driver schematic

You seem to provide schematics for all your products.
But where do I find the schematic for your G2 motor driver board?

Best regards
Thomas Jespersen

Hello, Thomas.

We do not share the schematic for those drivers. Is there some information you need that is not available on their product page?


Hi Derrill.

And why is that so?
What driver IC is used on these boards?

Thanks for your reply.

Regards Thomas

Hello, Thomas.

There are many considerations that go into how much detail we publish or reveal for each product, and that’s not something we are going to discuss product by product. We do not disclose the components used on the G2 motor drivers at this point; can you tell me why you are asking? If there is some particular specification you need that is not already documented, we might be able to help with that.

For anyone reading this and interested in how this might apply to other products, we generally put a lot of consideration into how much information to disclose for each product, so if we do not have a schematic up for a product, it is most likely intentional, and among the main reasons for not providing a schematic is avoiding commitment to specific components and avoiding publicizing which components we use. You can feel free to ask us to reconsider since the facts behind the decisions can change over time. We can also make exceptions based on your individual situation and your need for the information (but asking publicly is probably not a good way to go about it for those cases).

- Ben