Pololu G2 High-Power Motor Driver 18v25, Power Supply Issue

Good Afternoon,
I am using the 18v25 Motor Driver on a Design and am having some Power Supply issues that I was hoping someone might have some ideas on. We have bought about 85 of these drivers and shipped about 30 in our product so need to figure this out. :grinning::cry:
We are using the Mean Well 600 Watt 12V supply for this system. SE-600-12
Datasheet: http://meanwellusa.com/productPdf.aspx?i=469#1
Unfortunately this power supply has less than ideal OverVoltage Protection that completely shuts off the supply and will not restart until you power cycle the supply.
Everything works normally most of the time until we issue abrupt steps changes in speed to the motor via the 18v25. Looking at an oscilloscope, this seems to freak out the PowerSupply and causes it to overshoot the voltage and shuts off power supply.
We have a 470uF Cap on the driver.
Motor only pulls a few amps(<10) of current.
We have a 51k resistor on VREF pin.
We are running the Driver board with a PWM freq of 14648.437 Hz. Looks like the Power Supply FOSC is 68Khz.

Its as if abrupt step changes in speed (half to full speed) to driver causes the Power Supply to lose control and over voltage.

Any ideas on how to solve this? We have used Cheap Chinese Power Supply’s in the past that did not have this problem becasue they didnt have the Shutdown Circuitry built into the supply. We are now stuck with the more expensive “Good” Mean Well Supply because of supply issues.
I have bandaided it with programming (minimize speed changes) but problem is still present.


Sorry you are having trouble with your G2 high-power motor drivers. It sounds like the sudden change in speed is causing a voltage spike at the driver input and power supply. We are about to release some shunt regulators that should help with that kind of problem. Please contact us directly and we might be able to get you some pre-production units to try out.