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Pololu Dual VNH5019 IC heats up for no load itself

Recently Purchased a Dual VNH5019 motor driver. I have given Input Supply 24V Dc to Vin and Gnd side , the IC VNH5019 near M1A started to heat up and burn bringing vapour out side these happened in no load condition. I even tested this driver for 12V its happening same. Please help me to find the solution.
I doubt on IC gone bad during manufacture time itself . please help me find the solution for this.


We moved your post to the motor controllers/drivers and motors support category of the forum since it is more appropriate here.

We test every unit we make, so your shield was probably working at some point. If things are releasing smoke and getting hot with no load, then the board is probably now damaged. Can you post some pictures of the board and your setup?

- Patrick

Hi Patrick!

We not even soldered the module ! Just tested one time the module, can we claim for replacement of the module? We purchased this module from fab to lab vendor.
Attaching pictures here of the module.We need immediate assistance to this because our project is under bottle neck which has to be finished within two weeks. This module is stoping our entire work.
Kindly revert back what to be done further.

With Regards
Kavya Shree V L

Any replacement would be between you and the place you bought it from, but we can try to help you figure out what might have gone wrong. Unfortunately, due to the global parts shortage, we no longer have any units available here, nor do we know when we will be able to make more, so you would not be able to order a new unit directly from us right now.

This board has a maximum input voltage of 24V, so it is not appropriate to use it with a 24V nominal supply, which leaves no margin for noise and is likely to exceed 24V unless additional precautions are taken. Can you tell me specifically what your power supply is?

Can you also send me a picture showing how you had power connected to the board, and can you clarify where the smoke came from? How much current was the board drawing when you had power connected but no load?

- Patrick

Hi Patrick!According to you the problem was giving 24v nominal supply, the power supply that we used is adjustable Power supply. Before purchasing this module I asked the supply vendor whether this works for 24V motors and supply Vin 24V is compatible,after once I got confirmation from them that it could be used for this purpose, I forwarded the purpose of buying.
Is there any solution that it could be rectified now or please help me to get the other module.

I have attached a pictures that how I did bench level test by just powering 24V input the IC has started to heat up as burning one’s whole body at no load condition .

I need a motor driver immediately to continue my project forward so yesterday ordered new module Pololu 2516: Pololu dual G2 high power motor driver 24v14 In which voltage range is upto 6.5V- 40V .Will this be compatible for running two Macon motor which has 24V and 3.4A at normal running condition.

With Regards
Kavya Shree V L

(Attachment VID-20220105-WA0005.mp4 is missing)

That motor driver seems like a better choice if you want to run it at 24 V. What is the stall current for your motors?

- Patrick

Motor Stall Current is 39.3A.

For motors that powerful, we would generally recommend using at least our Dual G2 High-Power Motor Driver 24v18 Shield. Item #2516 (24v14 version) could work, but you would need to be more careful to control your acceleration to avoid acceleration-induced current spikes.

- Patrick