Pololu Dual MC33926 Motor Driver for Raspberry

I have this driver with 4 of the Pololu Micro Metal Gearmotors 250:1 HP (two in each channel) and I would like to ask about what kind of battery (2S or 3S) should i choose.
Should i choose an (2S) 7,4V or an (3S) 11.1V , LiPo Battery?
Thanks a lot for your time.


The 2S LiPo battery would be the better choice; the 3S LiPo voltage would likely shorten the lifespan of the motor significantly.

The MC33926 should be able to handle two of those motors per channel at 6V, but as the voltage applied to them increases so will the current they draw. Using two gearmotors on one channel of the MC33926, with a fully charged 2S LiPo, would be getting close to its limits, so you might consider taking precautions to make sure the motors don’t stall or accelerate to quickly.

For both the 2S and 3S LiPo batteries, you could also limit the duty cycle so that the output voltage is the equivalent of 6V to help prevent impacting the life of the motor or pulling too much current through the MC33926.