Pololu Dual MC33926 Motor Driver for Raspberry Pi

I am looking for a pin-out diagram for this motor driver board.


We do not have a pinout diagram for the Pololu Dual MC33926 Motor Driver for Raspberry Pi but you can find the schematics for the board under the resources tab of its product page. Is there some particular information you were looking for that is not included on the schematic?



I am looking for information on the available pins on the board, such as
the VOUT, 3.3V, 0.5V, GND, WP, etc… Is there a prototype area also, it
looks like one?
The schematic does not show the location of the pin on the board.


The functions of all of the pins other than the ones on the Raspberry Pi GPIO header are labeled on the silkscreen on the board. You can see them in the silkscreen in this picture:

The area in the bottom right of the board is a prototyping area. the holes with silkscreen lines connecting them are electrically connected on the board.


For example, what is the WP Pin hole on the far right of the board?
Does the white line between pin holes mean the holes are connected, meaning
two 3V3 two 5V and four GND pins?

Thank you

The pin labeled WP is a way of accessing the write protect pin if you install an EEPROM on the board. Yes, the white lines on the silkscreen indicate that the two holes on each side are connected. There are two 3.3V and 5V outputs and four ground pins above the prototyping area.


thank you!