Pololu dual mc33926 in parallel

Hello, I am planning to use the pololu dual mc33926 motor driver to control a high current motor.
The motor has a stall current of 2.5A so it is within the recommended limits, however it should run for quite long periods of
time doing cycles (go forward,stop,go backwards,stop), so I am afraid that the driver may end up heating too much, negatively
affecting the performance.
I would like to know if it is possible to use both of the connections (and drivers) in parallel to drive a single motor , this way
the current would be shared by the two ICs, and it may work better over long periods of time.
I know this is possible with other kinds of dual H bridges like the l298, but since that driver integrates all in one single IC and
this one uses two independents ICs; I am not quite sure it would work.

Does anyone have any experience using the driver this way?

Thanks in advance.


We have not tried running two MC33926 motor drivers in parallel to drive a single motor. However, you should not need to do this since your motor should be pulling less than the 2.5A stall current, and the MC33926 can supply up to 3A per channel continuously.

- Grant