Pololu Dual MC33926 headers for Arduino UNO R3


I am preparing the MC33926 to attach to my Arduino UNO R3, but I am a bit confused with the instructions which says one thing, but shows another with images. Extract from instructions below.

The newest Arduino boards, including the Uno R3 and the Leonardo, use one 10×1 header, two 8×1 headers, and one
6×1 header, as shown in the left picture below (does not look like my UNO R3); older Arduino boards use two 8×1 >headers and two 6×1 headers,as shown in the right picture below (looks like my UNO R3)

Does the Arduino UNO R3 use one 10×1 header, two 8×1 headers, and one 6×1 header, as stated in the instructions; or does it use two 8×1 headers and two 6×1 headers as shown in the other image in the instructions?

One image shows the newer version Arduino with the mini usb plug (not what I have). The other image shows the Arduino with the std usb plug (like mine UNO R3).


I am sorry if those instruction were somewhat confusing. The text description was correct, and the point of the “right picture below” was to show how the shield should be assembled for use with older Arduinos (even though it was plugged into a newer Uno R3 in the picture). We have updated the user’s guide to hopefully make it clearer, and to paraphrase it here, you should use the motor driver shield headers that match the headers on your Arduino (so if you have an Uno R3, you probably want to use one 10×1 header, two 8×1 headers, and one 6×1 header).


Thank you Derrill. That is what I thought, but I had to be sure. Thanks

Michael Richards

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