Pololu Dual G2 High-Power Motor Driver 18v18 for Raspberry Pi

Recently i purchased one of these “G2 motor driver 18v18” for “70:1 Gearmotor 37Dx70L”. I successfully installed the python library and able to drive the motor with Example on RASBERRY PI.

I use this motor drive in a project where it uses SPI communiccation with MCP3208, with chip select CEO pin. [Before i include motor drive] my ADC (MCP3208) successfully measures and display all my sensor values.

As soon as I connect motor drive HAT, MCP3208 doesn’t communicate properly with PI.
My question is if Motor driver uses any sort of SPI communication pins (CEO pin) on PI?
Please help me with this info.

FYI: Independently both works absolutely fine with no issues. i would need them to work simultaneously. Please let me know if i am missing any details here.

Hello Support,

can you please help me with above. I tried switching my Chip select to CE1 (with Motordrive connected) not much luck. If i remove the motor drive ADC works just fine.


You can check which GPIO pins your Dual G2 High-Power Motor Driver uses in the “Default pin mappings” section of the product page description. If your MCP3208 uses any of the same pins, there could be a possible conflict.

If you continue having trouble identifying the problem, can you post pictures of your setup and a wiring diagram or schematic showing how everything is connected?

- Patrick

Mot 1 Connected to these gpio #12, #5, #22, #23, I isolated set of GPIO pins that used by motor driver HAT. probably while soldering the header i would have done mistake on pins MISO, MOSI, SCLK on driver. Anyway That confirms Motor driver has nothing to do with SPI bus.

Thanks for reply.

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