Pololu DRV8834 Stepper Driver and Arduino Uno


I have recently bought two Pololu DRV8834 stepper drivers, two Nema 17 Kysan 1124090 stepper motors, and an Arduino Uno.

I would like to control the motors with the drivers and connect the system to the arduino. Would someone be able to walk me through the process? I am very new to electronics.


Hello, Zach.

There is a lot of information you can read including a minimal wiring diagram for the driver on the DRV8834 product page. Once you have connected the driver, you should set the current limit on the driver to something appropriate for your motor. We have a tutorial video that you can follow to set the current limit.


Hi Nathan,

Thank you so much for your response.

I am very new to electronics, and I am wondering if you could please explain to me exactly how to connect the motor to the driver, the driver to the arduino uno, and if I need a power supply, which one should I buy and how should I connect it? Also, I am wondering about grounding the system…


If you are a complete beginner at electronics, you should be aware that this is a very challenging starting project. There is a significant chance that the Arduino or the motor driver will be damaged or destroyed by incorrect wiring, a wire coming loose, or a slip of a multimeter probe when the circuit is powered.

I suggest to start with just one motor and follow the detailed instructions on the DRV8834 product page to wire it to the Arduino, the Arduino power supply and the motor power supply.

To power the motor you can use any regulated power supply capable of providing a voltage of 5 to about 9 volts, at greater than 2 amperes. It is absolutely essential to follow the directions in the video to set the current limit to 1.5 amperes or less, and you will need a decent multimeter to do that.

It is not productive to ask forum contributors to “explain to me exactly how to connect the motor to the driver, the driver to the arduino uno” – the product page already does that, far more clearly than the instructions provided by almost all other suppliers.

It is much more productive to go through all the instructions very carefully, several times if needed, and then ask specific questions about what is still not clear. People will be glad to explain specific details. Alternatively you could join a local RepRap or Maker group, and in any case you should browse those forums.