Pololu A4983 Do 2 Steps of 4 in Quarter step Mode!?


i use the A4983 Stepper Motor Driver Carrier with the Motor “Japan Servo Co Type kh42hdm2-803”. It is Uni-Polar.
Half Step Mode works, but in quater step Mode, the Motor turn only the first 2 Steps, than the next 2 Steps it stands still.
The same in Eighth step mode, only the first 2 Steps the Motor turn.

Must I have i special Motor? Or may be my Setup wrong?

Thanks, Andreas

Hi, Andreas.

How are you powering the motor? What is the voltage and current ratings for the motor? What do you have the current limiting set to? I do not understand your description of the problem. What are you expecting your stepper motor to do? What is it doing?

It could be that your motor is missing steps because it is not that great of a motor. Another possibility is that your current limiting is set too high compared to the current the motor coils draw causing different step values to blend together.

- Ryan

Good morning Ryan!

You are right! It is not that great of a motor. But the limiting was set too high. With Step i mean “Signal up and down”.

Kind regards from Kiel (north of Germany),

Andreas :smiley: