Pololu 37Dx52L motor constants identification

Hello everyone,
for my robot project i would like to model the Pololu 37Dx52L motor as stated here:
Therefore i need the motor constants:
ul moment of inertia of the rotor
(b) motor viscous friction constant
(Ke) electromotive constant
(Kt) motor torque constant
® electric resistance
(L) electric inductance
to simulate accuratively. Knowing that my measuring qualities are poor i like to ask if someone has done the identifikation of such a motor before and is so kind to share his knowledge and maybe the parameter values.

Sincerely linecrawler

We’ve asked for this data from Pololu before, but they don’t have it.

Hello, linecrawler.

As jwatte mentioned, we do not have information on those characteristics. However, you can use some of the specifications we provide to estimate some of them. This post talks about how to do that with some of the characteristics you are looking for.

- Grant

Hej guys,
thanks for the answers. Actually the link was quite helpful!

Have a nice day linecrawler