Pololu 12v12 + arduino uno

Good afternoon forum members,
I am stuck for while on starting to drive my DC motor with the couple arduino uno and driver bord pololu 12v12.
I tried different arduino code tests but nothing seems to move or warming or buzzing on my system.
Could you please, if your have had an issue with this material, give me a hint or a beginning code for starting to run the motor.
You will be very nice.
Thank you for your participation.


I am sorry you are having trouble getting started controlling your motor. Since it sounds like you are using the jrk 12v12 motor controller, I moved this thread to a more appropriate subforum. Have you tried controlling the jrk from the Jrk Configuration Utility? Doing so will help verify that your connections are correct.

If that is already working, you might try controlling the jrk by sending it TTL serial signals. More information about the jrk’s serial interface can be found inside the “Using the Serial Interface” section of the jrk’s user’s guide, which can be found under the “Resources” tab of its product page.

We do not have any sample code for controlling the jrk from an Arduino, but you might try using the “Advanced search” feature of our forum to see if people using those devices together have posted their code.