Please Help

Hi all! Please help me.
How i can increase speed of my robot?
There are MAX SPEED is 400. But i need more faster.
For example; how robot could increase his acceleration on the straight line?

It looks like I already answered the same question about your robot in another thread here. Did you have some questions after reading through my response?


Hi,I need to increase my robot’s speed.So,can you help me?
I added to your code time.After time is end,robot stopped.And now I want in order to robot in some point increase his speed.Can you help?

#include <ZumoReflectanceSensorArray.h>
#include <ZumoMotors.h>
#include <ZumoBuzzer.h>
#include <Time.h>
#include <Pushbutton.h>

ZumoBuzzer buzzer;
ZumoReflectanceSensorArray reflectanceSensors;
ZumoMotors motors;
Pushbutton button(ZUMO_BUTTON);
int lastError = 0;

const int MAX_SPEED = 600;

void setup()



  pinMode(13, OUTPUT);
  digitalWrite(13, HIGH);

  int i;
  for(i = 0; i < 80; i++)
    if ((i > 10 && i <= 30) || (i > 50 && i <= 70))
      motors.setSpeeds(-200, 200);
      motors.setSpeeds(200, -200);


  digitalWrite(13, LOW);">g32>>c32");

  button.waitForButton();"L16 cdegreg4");
time_t t = now();
void loop()
  if(second(now() - t) >= 20.0) {
    motors.setSpeeds(0, 0);
  unsigned int sensors[6];

  int position = reflectanceSensors.readLine(sensors);

  int error = position - 2500;

  int speedDifference = error / 4 + 6 * (error - lastError);

  lastError = error;

  int m1Speed = MAX_SPEED + speedDifference;
  int m2Speed = MAX_SPEED - speedDifference;

  if (m1Speed < 0)
    m1Speed = 0;
  if (m2Speed < 0)
    m2Speed = 0;
  if (m1Speed > MAX_SPEED)
    m1Speed = MAX_SPEED;
  if (m2Speed > MAX_SPEED)
    m2Speed = MAX_SPEED;

  motors.setSpeeds(m1Speed, m2Speed);

Hi all. Can u help me. What will be the maximum speed of Zumo Robot. Without sensors. Only go on straight line.

Hello, Duman017.

I merged your latest two posts into this thread since they are the same question. It looks like you are posting in different places on the forum trying to get different answers to your question, which is not something you should expect for our forum. Brandon has already explained what you can do about changing the maximum speed on the Zumo. If you have additional questions about it, please ask them in your original thread.