PID Motor Controllers zumo32u4

Hello, everybody.
it is a great pleasure to participate in this exchange forum.
I’m new to microcontroller programming and I’m asking for your help.
I am currently using a Zumo32u4 with a 75:1 micro metal gear motor HP with 6V.
I want to control the wheels of this Zumo robot so that it drives straight ahead without any deviation.
Therefore I need to use a PID controller for each wheel.
But I don´t kow how can i determine the Kp, Ki and Kd values of the respective PID controllers.
can anyone help me to tell me how to get these values?

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Once you have your feedback method figured out there are lots of ways you can go about determining your PID coefficients. The Ziegler–Nichols method is a common one you might start with.

By the way, in case you have not considered it, you could also approach a task like this using feedback from the built-in gyroscope on the Zumo.

If you are committed to using encoders though, you might consider checking out this blog post about someone who built and programmed a dead reckoning Zumo robot that operates using information from just the encoders. Our post is just a summary, and that Zumo is based on our Arduino shied, not our 32U4 controller, but the designer’s blogs (starting with this one) about the project might have some useful information for you.

- Patrick