Picking a power supply

I am wanting to use the 24v23 Simple Motor Controller with a 24VDC gearmotor (grainger.com/Grainger/DAYTON … otor-4ZJ45). I am stuck on choosing an AC to DC power supply. I am pretty sure I want something that puts out a little more than 24V so that I can speed the motor up a bit if I need to, but I am lost on the current requirements.

I have not purchased the motor yet so I can not test for stall current. For my application, the motor provides more than enough torque to perform the operation, and the environment is fairly controlled so I don’t see the motor stalling. I plan to use a fuse to prevent the motor from using too much current. Is there a general rule that I can follow to decide on current output from a power supply to get in the ballpark?



The specs list for that motor give the full-load current as 2.5 A. Note that the inrush current for the motor (i.e. the current the motor draws when supplied with 24V while at rest) might be higher than this, so you might consider getting a power supply that can at least handle short current spikes above 2.5 A (and you might want to take this into account when selecting a fuse).

- Ben