Parallel A4983

Hello Tell me whether you can connect inputs A4983/A4988 parallel (as shown in the diagram) that would control two motors. This is necessary because, engines consume much power.


I do not see any reason your setup should not work as pictured.


Current consumption of each engine 1.7A

With the current demands of your stepper motor, I recommend our DRV8825 stepper motor driver which can handle a little more current. However, your current demands are still high enough that I recommend additional cooling precautions.


The total current is 3.4А. In the documentation says that even with ohlazhniem, maximum current 2.2А! In my not survive.

The 2.2 A current rating for the driver is a per-coil rating (so it is rated for a total of up to 4.4 A across both coils). If your motor is rated at 1.7 A per coil, the driver should be fine, but you will still probably need to take additional steps to keep it cool if you want to get the full 1.7 A/coil out of it.