Outputting error light and yellow activity light

How would I output the red error light and the yellow activity light to an alternate light setup off board? I assume the error light could be setup by wiring to the ERR and GND correct and this would cause external light to illuminate upon it driving high right?

How about the yellow activity light though? Is it possible to be output?


Which product are you asking about, is it the Jrk 12v12?

Oops, yep sure is…

If you want to output the red LED on the jrk 12v12, simply connect your own LED between the ERR line and GND. There is a 220 Ohm resistor on the ERR line, so that should be sufficient to protect the jrk and most likely sufficient to protect your LED from getting too much current (if it is not, you will need to add your own resistor in series with the LED).

If you want to output the yellow LED, then you can solder a wire to the pad (a little gray blob of solder) that sits on the trace that leads to the yellow LED. To find this pad:

  1. Look at the yellow LED.
  2. Move your gaze up towards the USB connector and you should see a black component that is connected to the yellow LED. That is a resistor.
  3. Move your gaze diagonally towards the USB connector, and you should see a pad that is connected to the resistor. You should also see a trace directly connecting this pad to one of the pins on the microcontroller. This is the pad you want

You can solder a wire to that pad. Be sure not to short anything out. Connect the wire to a resistor (200-1000 Ohms). Connect the other end of the resistor to your LED. Connect the other end of the LED to ground. That should work.


Thx David…thats perfect =)