OrangutanMotors::setSpeeds(40, -40);

Hi Pololu Team

Please advice what happen when we called " OrangutanMotors::setSpeeds(40, -40) ";this software code

Can I see the location of above function and more details about this function

I know very well about motor driver operation

Please advice


For anyone following this discussion: that line of code is from one of the Pololu3pi library’s examples (e.g. Simple3piMazeSolver), which uses the Pololu AVR Library.

Essentially, the code calls the function setSpeeds(int m1Speed, int m2Speed), which is defined in the OrangutanMotors library of the Pololu AVR Library, and sets the direction and speed for both channels (m1 and m2) of the motor driver on the 3pi to the passed arguments (40 and -40). You can find the function’s documentation under the “Orangutan Motor Control” section in the Pololu AVR Library Command Reference and its source code under the src/OrangutanMotors folder on the Pololu AVR Library’s GitHub page.

- Amanda