Optical Feedback Linear Actuators Firgelli


Previously Firgelli linear actuators had absolute/resistive feedback but looks like they’ve switched to optical feedback:

Does the Roboclaw support optical single input and is so will it still increment/decrement based on motor direction?



Hello, Rob.

The RoboClaws expect quadradure encoder inputs, so I do not expect them to work with a single signal like that. You might consider using one of our linear actuators instead. They offer absolute feedback via a potentiometer and can be controlled in a closed-loop setup using our RoboClaws or Jrk G2 Motor Controllers.


Thanks Patrick,

Suspected this was the case.
Probably will switch to your product, has a better IP rating and power & signal in the one cable which is preffered
Weird why in Oz Firgelli have discontinued from the eshop absolute version and switched to single optical output. Whilst in the US you can buy the absolute version and not the optical.