One Motor Only Rotating In One Direction

I have gotten both of my motors to run on my Dual TB9051FTG Motor driver however when I tried to test it with, my Motor1 only runs in one direction even when it says it is going in reverse. The second motor is working fine, which leads me to believe that it is a hardware problem but I am not sure what would be at fault that would cause this error. Any suggestions are helpful.

In the email you sent us about this topic, you included updated pictures of your setup, in which your soldering still did not look up to a good enough to give reliable results. Until your solder joins are wetted well to the pads on the board, we should not continue troubleshooting anything else. You can see a good example of what they should look like in the “Adafruit Guide to Excellent Soldering”.

If you are still having any problems after re-flowing those joints to look like the ones on that page, could you post some updated pictures here?


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