Noisy DRV8711 Stepper Driver 36v4 with Large Motors

I’ve driven 4A, 3Nm/430oz-in stepper motors with the 36v4 drivers and got very loud results. I have 300uF of capacitance through 33mOhms, so my bus capacitance is good. I have heat sinks and thermal pads on the MOSFETs too. I set the current decay mode to the best one. The current limit to 4A. But microstepping introduced noise since there is a limit to the step rate and at a certain point, each microstep was a vibration. Can ferrites reduce the noise and vibration? If not, under what conditions is this driver capable of quiet, vibration free operation? Any thoughts help, and a rigorous answer isn’t necessary.


Some noise is normal with stepper motors, but lots of vibration does sound unusual. Could you post a video of the behavior?

Could you tell us more about your setup? What is your power supply, Could you post a link to the specifications for your motor? Could you also post your code so we can see your SPI settings and pictures of the setup that show all connections?