No Response from 24v13 G2 motor driver

Hello all -
I’m using a 24v13 G2 motor driver, giving it regulated 12V and PWM signals from an Arduino Due. I’m sending a 40% duty cycle 20kHz PWM signal as a test, and I’m flipping the DIR pin every five seconds. I’ve verified both of these signals using an oscilloscope.

I’m getting 0V on the output from the motor driver no matter what. I have a md31c board, so I have nothing connected to anything other than GND, DIR, and PWM.

Any ideas for what I can test/check to get this working, or any recommended steps?



Hello, Robert.

What are you using for your power supply, and have you had a motor connected to your driver for any of your use so far? (If so, could you post its specifications, a datasheet for it, or a link to where you got it?)

Also, could you post some pictures of your setup, including ones that show all of your soldered connections?

- Patrick