Newbie Question (DRV8825)

Hi, I am new to the stepper motor/controller world. I am helping my kid with a stem project and need some assistance. I am trying to adjust the vref on the board. and when I test the top of the potentiometer voltage is 0.0 volts. The stepper I have is a pololu 2267.2.8v 1.7A/phase. I setup the drv8825 on a breadboard applied power using a 100u cap. and tried to check vref setting and I get 0.0v. Apparently I am doing something wrong. Any advice will be helpful. Thanks in advance.


Are you using our drivers (there are a lot of knockoffs of them out there), and are you following the steps in our video about setting the current limit? If so, can you post some pictures of your driver, your full setup, and how you are measuring VREF? Can you confirm with your multimeter that the board is receiving power? Does turning the potentiometer yield any change?