New motors with encoders for WT noisy

So i might be nit picking a bit here, but i want to see if this is normal or if i can possible swap or mod something here…

I bought a Wild Thumper 4wd and later purchased 2 of the same motors (34:1) with encoders. The new motors sound a lot louder and at low speed sort of sound like a idling Car… clunk clunk. both do. The original motors and the two still on, have a nice smooth higher pitched but quieter sound. This is nothing to do with the pwm or anything since I’ve tested them outside it’s environment before installing them. They appear to work fine, just that they are crazy louder and have that funny sound at low speed.

Anyone notice this? is it normal? or could both be defective? is it possible to remove the encoders and put them on the old one or i suppose the shaft cannot be extended? i loved the other ones since i can sneak up on people, but now they will surely know.


I am sorry you are getting more noise with those gearmotors. I do not expect there to be noticeably different noise between the two; can you post a video with audio recording of the noise? Also, can you describe your tests in more detail? Ideally, to test the conditions the setup should remain the same as you swap out the gearmotors.

The gearmotors without encoders do not have an extended backshaft, so you could not attach the magnetic wheel to them. Additionally, that magnetic wheel is press fit onto the gearmotor’s backshaft, so it is not trivial to remove it and install it on another similar backshaft.