New Learner of Qik 2s9v1

Dear Master,

I’ve purchsed of qik 2s9v1 with 23201a adapter for the connection. It was setup on breadboard with an adaquate power supply, a simple motor is connected to M0. A green LED is lighted with flashing. RX and TX are the only connections in between two circuits. With the Transmitter program, the actions are negative. Am i something wrong? Please teach me and help me. Thank you so much!



Thank you for posting such detailed pictures. I don’t understand what you mean when you say “the actions are negative”. Are you trying to say nothing happens? There could be other problems, but two major issues are immediately clear from your pictures:

  1. You don’t have the necessary ground connection between the 23201a adapter and the qik. In order for these two devices to communicate, they must share a common ground (note that in a typical electrical system, all your devices will need to share a common ground).

  2. You aren’t powering the 23201a serial adapter. The adapter requires an externally-supplied 3 - 5 V on its VCC pin. To start with, you could try connecting the adapter’s VCC and ground to the qik’s VCC and ground, but this will only work if your two batteries are well charged.

In general, I’m concerned about your logic voltage supply. It looks like you are using two alkaline cells, which could easily fall below the adapter’s 3 V minimum and qik’s 2.7 V minimum as they discharge. I recommend you use a regulator like this to boost your battery voltage to a stable 5 V and power your logic.

- Ben