Need help using TRex Jr

Hi, I am a novice at this. I am trying to make a RC lawnmower. I have the mowing part figured out and now trying to get the drive/propulsion right. I am thinking of using 2 x Pololu DC metal gear motors 154:1 with 120oz-in torque which is hopefully ample to move the mower mechanism of 70lbs.
I came across the TRex Jr controller on Pololu which has RC input and can control both motors. My question is that beyond these, what else do I need to get the project running. I understand I will need a RC Transmitter which I will hold to maneuver the mower. Apart from this is a receiver module required to plug into the TRex Jr ? Also any suggestions as to what brand/website/model I should get which can get me as close to plug and play functionality with the TRex Jr?
I am looking for a simple way to build this and control like a remote controlled toy car… well maybe slightly more robust and precise than toy car.
Thanks in advance for your help.


This sounds like a very ambitious and potentially dangerous project. In general, we do not recommend any of our products be used in projects that may be dangerous or result in property damage. Since you are new to electronics, you might consider starting with something smaller. Also, the 20D metal gearmotor you mentioned would not be appropriate for a 70 lb load. As for your question about RC transmission, you would need a receiver module to receive the RC signal and relay it to the TReX Jr.