Need help! how to use jumpers?


I have a DRV8834 driver.
How do I use jumpers (like VREF jumper)? How can I “switch jumper on”? Do I Need to solder two points together or what?



I have a two simple questions about stepper driver and current limit option.

Question 1:

If I set current limit, is this value PER COIL? For example, I have two phase stepper motor that is ratet to 1.5 A per coil, need I set current limit to 1.5A or 3.0A?

I assume that in half and microstepping mode, two coils would draw max current (at sametime).

Question 2:

If I will drive stepper motor, which is rated to 1.5A per coil, will I need powersupply which is rated to 3A or 1.5A output?


Hello, Jurna.

Since both of your posts were about similar topics, I combined them into one thread.

You can bridge the VREF jumper by soldering a small wire across the indicated pads (an uninsulated piece of wire would probably work best). However, if you want to use these drivers in a system designed for one of our A4988 or DRV8825 carriers (like many 3D printer kits) it might be better to just measure VREF at the via, and not bring it out to the pin on the outside of the board.

You should set the current limit of the driver to the current per phase that you would like to limit the motor to. Using your example, it should be set to 1.5A. Each coil of the stepper motor will draw up to the per phase current limit, so if that is set to 1.5A, a 3A or larger power supply should be used.