Need Help / Guidence Controlling 2 x 12v DC Motors

Hi, I have been looking through the site but I am not 100% sure what exactly I need. Hopefully you guys can help.

I have a project car that does not have a parking brake. I have 2 Tesla electric parking brake calipers that have a worm gear type motor that pushes out the piston to clamp the brake disc. They are 12v and close when I apply 12v across the motor and when I reverse polarity they release. When closing the caliper piston squeezes the brake disc and as the pressure builds the current through the motor spikes from 1amp to about 30. At which point I need the motor to turn off. Same deal on the release. When it is completely retracted the current spikes. So at theses limits I need the motors to turn off.

Ideally I would like to have something like 1 button to push to close the brakes and maybe another or the same button to press again to release and have the power cut when the current spikes.

Is there any product that could simplify this for me? Its been years since I have done any motor control or electronics work and I may be in over my head here haha.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hello, Phil.

We do not have any specific products that would do that, though it might be possible to build a system with our parts. Our Dual G2 High-Power Motor Driver 18v22 Shield for Arduino has current sensing feedback, current limiting, and should be able to handle short spikes of 30A. You would also need some sort of programable controller like an Arduino to handle the logic of reading your button presses, reading the current, controlling the motor driver, and keeping track of the state of the system.

By the way, your application sounds like it could be dangerous if the system does not function as you intend. You should be cautious about proceeding with a project like this, and please note that we do not recommend our products for applications where failure could result in injury or significant property damage.