Need help for dc motor with hybrid

I need help
I have a project
I have to use Arduino Uno, hybrid, and dc motor
the goal for this project to change position from 0 to 90 degree
and when you change the position by hand it back to 85 or forward to 95 should be back to 90

what is the code for Arduino Uno?

What is a hybrid?

To control position, you need a position encoder and a PID controller.



It sounds like you might be referring to the Digilent PmodHB5: H-bridge Driver with Feedback Inputs. I had not heard of that driver and we do not use it on any of our products here, but it looks like it also requires a quadrature encoder as a sensor to determine the motor position. You might try posting to the Arduino Forum to see if someone there has experience using it with an Arduino Uno.