NCP1402 delivers more than 200mA. Will this be a problem?

I am using a 150:1 MP Micro Metal Gear motor connected with DRV8835 through arduino. The MP Micro Metal Gear Motor has a stall current of 750mA.
I am planning to power the motor driver through NCP1402 5v step up regulator, which is capable of delivering only 200mA.
However, when powered by a 3.7V LiPo 2000mAh battery, the motor seems to run flawlessly.

In one case when I exerted some force on the wheel connected to the motor, the current measures to 500mA.
Are there any cases where the stall current may pose a problem to the Motor Driver?


If you supplying motor power through the regulator, you might have a problem since the motor could potentially pull more current then the regulator is capable of supplying. You might consider using a lower power motor, or limiting the duty cycle so the current drawn by the motor does not exceed the limits of the regulator. Alternatively, you might consider using one of our higher power step-up or step-up/step-down regulators.

- Grant

Can you please tell me whether I can use the following regulator?

That regulator might be okay, but you still might be pushing the limits of the regulator if you stall the motor. To get an idea of the performance of the regulator, you can look at the efficiency graph on the product page in the “Typical Efficiency and Output Current” section of the description. If you want to be more cautious, you might consider getting a regulator where the current draw of the motor is well within the limits of the regulator like our 5V step-up voltage regulator U3V12F5.

- Grant