N30 6V 330 RPM Micro Gearmotor for RC model Retract

I am trying to locate a replacement N30 size 6V 330 rpm gear motor for a RC Model retract. The motor controller senses the stall current at the up/down end points to turn off the drive voltage of nominally 6V. I have measured the controller stall current trip point and it is about 1.7 Amps

What I measure from the remaining good one:
Free run current, no load: 170mA @ 6V
Run rpm: 330 RPM
Run volts: 6V
Nominal operating current with the gear moving: 400mA
Stall current is estimated @ >= 2 amps
DC resistance: 1.4 ohms
Torque: ??
Physical characteristics: N30 gear motor with 3mm D shaft. (5mm)
Same diameter as the Pololu N20 micro gear motors but longer.

The nearest Pololu gear motor I can identify is the smaller N20 HP6V 100:1 Micro Metal Gearmotor : Pololu item # 1101

The DC resistance is not included in the Specifications. I suspect it is not low enough to meet the controller current trip point limits reliably.

Also as is a smaller motor may not have the same torque.


Does Pololu offer a gear motor in the N30 physical configuration that would meet my needs ?
Or can you perhaps recommend an alternative.



Hello, Ray.

Unfortunately, we do not have any N30 size gearmotors. As for possible alternatives, even our 6V high-power micro metal gearmotors only have a stall current of 1.6A, so I do not think any of those would reliably trigger your controller to stop them. If you can fit a larger motor in your application, you might look at our 20D metal gearmotors.

Please keep in mind that stalls can result in rapid (potentially on the order of seconds) thermal damage to the motor windings and brushes, so we generally advise against applications where the motor will be stalled regularly. If you have some other means of position feedback, such as using encoders or limit switches, I would recommend implementing that.

- Patrick