Multiple stepper tic drivers using ticgui software freezes

I have tic T249 and a tic 36v4 stepper motor driver. I can drive the stepper motor designated to the driver separately but when I attach both drivers to 12v the ticgui software freezes. The 12v I’m using is rated for max 7 amps draw of current. I’m using only max 3amps of current draw so power doesn’t seem to be a problem. I opened 2 instances of the ticgui software. Any ideas?


Hello, Farhad.

Could you post details about the components in your system (i.e. stepper motors, power supply, and anything else involved in your system)? Could you post some pictures of your setup that show how you have everything connected?

Also, could you try disconnecting everything from the Tic controllers (including the 12V power supply) and try only connecting them to your computer via USB to see if it still happens?