Multiple jrk 21v3


I am running multiple jrks (10). All of them are connected via USBs to computer.

Now, whenever i turn on the computer and power supply they start moving simultaneously.

I am wondering is there any other method that i could command them to run simultaneously?

It is inconvenient to shut down/turn on the computer each time i want to run experiments.

Thank you,


You might be able to use a batch script with the JrkCmd to run the 10 jrks at the same time. JrkCmd is a configuration and control utility for the jrk motor controller that works in Command Prompt. You can simply type JrkCmd in Command Prompt, and it will show a help screen explaining how to use it. It doesn’t have a feature for commanding 10 jrks simultaneously, but you can just run it 10 times without any delays and see if that is fast enough.

- Jeremy