Multi channel Motor driver

I have 40 DC Brushed motors (12Vdc 20A) that i want to control simultaneously, using Laptop (for example Matlab).
I am looking for motor-driver that have that many channels and has a connection to a pc like USB.
If there is no driver with so much channels, what is the largest number of channels you have for a single motor-driver board.

thanks for the help.


You might consider using our Simple High-Power Motor Controller 18v25 for a system like that. The Simple Motor Controllers have a single motor channel. However, they can be daisy-chained to control multiple motors over a single USB connection. You can see more about this feature in the “Daisy Chaining” section of the “Pololu Simple Motor Controller User’s Guide”.

Please note, we generally recommend choosing a motor controller with a continuous current rating equal to or greater than the stall current of the motor you are using. If the current rating you listed for the motor is not a stall current rating, you might potentially have a stall current of many times the 20A rating.