Mpu6050 and 360 servo code issues

Hello I need some help regarding the code for my 32u4 astar microcontroller. I currently have it running a continuous rotation servo where the servo is supposed to follow the movement of my mpu6050 gyro accelerometer. So the mpu6050 rotates 360 degrees continuously and the servo is supposed to follow it accordingly , degree by degree. However, consequently, what it does is it will follow the movement of the gyro all the way up to 180 degrees, then it reverses its direction and goes back 180 degrees to complete the 360 degrees movement. What I needed to do is I need the servo to continue to follow the gyro all the way through the 180 degree mark up to the 360 degree Mark and continue to do so. Can anyone help me out? thanks in advance

I posted a reply to you in in this thread where you ask the same question. Jim Remington has also been responding to you in that thread. It makes more sense to keep the discussion there.