MP6500 Coarse Current Limiting with permanently connected I1/I2


First, I have to say, I am a learn-as-I-go-type. I have basic understandings of electronics but usually I start tinkering until I end up with a problem and then try to find a solution. This is why I am here now.

In my setup I have MP6500's pins ENBL through DIR directly connected to an Arduino Nano’s digital pins D2 through D9. This way I1 is connected to D6 which is a high frequency (~1Khz) PWM pin of the Nano. Also I set I2 to LOW to enable current limiting via PWM.

My question: can I also use the coarse control still somehow with those pins being connected permanently?

My theory so far: In the section Current Limiting of MP6500's description it says that for coarse control I1/2 need to be either low or high-impedance. As I said I am the learn-as-I-go type and high-impedance is a topic on the yet-to-understand-list but: documentation of Arduino digital pins says that when I put a pin to mode INPUT it will also be in a high-impedance state. Is that what I have to do to set the correspoding I1/2 pin on MP6500 to what is given as Z in the table of the description page?

Thanks and best regards

Hi, Manuel.

Yes, you can change your Arduino I/O pins to be inputs to put them in a high impedance state (Z), and use that with the I1 and I2 pins on our MP6500 carrier.


Hi Claire!

Thank you very much, I was hoping for this answer. :slight_smile: