Movement algoritme Tic


in an art installation we’re using a number of Tics(834) to drive steppers with serial position control.

we would like to develop a simulation model to be able to make compositions ‘off-line’.

an important aspect is the way the stepper/Tic is varying the speed going from one position to another.

where could i find the algoritme/code the Tic is using?

rolf meesters


The firmware on the Tic is not made publicly available, but the shape of the speed profile graph when you command the Tic to move the stepper motor to a position is basically a trapezoid. For example, if it is at rest and you command it to a new position, it will immediately start stepping at the “starting speed”, and the step rate will increase according to the “max acceleration” value (which is constant), until it reaches the “max speed” or it gets close enough to the target that it decelerates according to the “max deceleration” value back down to the “starting speed”, then stops again.