Motors for Dagu Rover 5?

Just checking to see if anybody has successfully replaced the motors on the Dagu Rover 5 Tracked Chassis with something more powerful.

I was happy with the “Lunar Rover” I built on this chassis, but I needed the full clearance for yard navigation and this caused the treads to come off during turns. Replacing the treads with Dagu Wild Thumper Wheels offered far better speed and clearance, but unfortunately the turn radius is slow and pained on hard surfaces and non-existant on grass due to high angular friction on the back wheels during differential steering. My hope is that by replacing the stock 2WD motors with four beefier Pololu wheels I will be able to perform differential turning again.


Unfortunately, we have not tried something like that. It sort of sounds like you robot is morphing into a Dagu Wild Thumper. Maybe you could look at those to get an idea of some more powerful motors and how they perform. Other than that, maybe one of the other forum user’s has a suggestions.