Motoron M3S256 + Arduino Uno R3


I am trying to use M3S256 with Arduino Uno R3 to control 3 DC motors. I was able to run I2C example sketches (e.g., I2CSimple) from the Motoron library. However, I failed to run Serial examples (e.g., SerialSimple), even though I think I followed the instruction provided in here: GitHub - pololu/motoron-arduino: Motoron Motor Controller library for Arduino. I am not sure what I am missing currently. Could you please help me figure out how I can run the Serial examples? Thank you so much in advance!

Hello, what error messages are you seeing? Would you please share?

Hello, thank you for your response. I realized that M3S256 doesn’t support Serial connection. Then my question is whether I can use M3S256 with Arduino Uno to control 3 DC motors using I2C connections in ROS using rosrun rosserial_arduino

Oh sorry I am not from the Pololu team. I think somebody from the developers team can provide you authentic solution. Hope they will respond soon. @PatrickM @Claire


Unfortunately, we do not have any specific resources or advice for using the Motoron controllers with ROS.

Also, just to confirm, you are correct that the M3S256 does not support UART serial communication. (Each Motoron either supports I2C or UART serial, but not both).

- Patrick