Motor specs

I need 4 DC motors capable of the following specs:

~900oz-inch torque

I don’t see any of those on your site, do you know where I can buy a dc gearbox motor with these specs?

I did some searching for a few weeks but haven’t found exactly.


Unfortunately, 900 oz*in is significantly more torque than any of our gearmotors can provide. You might be able to find something that works for you at a site like Robot MarketPlace.

- Kevin

I calculated that 6 of your highest torque motors together can carry a 77lbs load around 131:1 gear ratio @250 oz-inch each and 80rpm with a 17 degree inclination rate and 1.7 feet/sec. or am I wrong?

I did not carefully check your calculations, but you should be aware (if you are not already) that we specify the free-running speed and stall torque for all of our motors. You won’t be able to get both of those from the motor at the same time, so for example, our 131:1 metal gearmotor 37D will not spin at 80 rpm while providing 250 oz*in of torque. You can expect to see a roughly linear variance between zero torque at the free-running speed and the stall torque at zero speed.

- Kevin