Motor running when driver powered off

I am using the BD65496MUV ( to drive a DC motor. Since the motor will remain idle for long periods of time, it would be great to put the driver into the power save mode (PS).

However, when I put the board into the PS mode, the motor begins to spin (even when my arduino output is set to low) at a slow speed, as if it’s drawing power from the VCC pin on the board. When I turn the board back on, the motor stops.

Is this normal and does it mean the board cannot enter low power mode without spinning the motor?

I stopped using the PWM mode and it works how I want. I don’t need PWM anyways so it’s fine


I’m glad you got the BD64496MUV motor driver to work for your setup.

If you still want to troubleshoot the issue you were having with using the power save feature, I can try to help if you can provide more details about your setup (e.g. what pin you were sending PWM signals to before, if there is any load on your motor, and pictures showing all your connections).

- Amanda