Motor Frequency Power and Noise


If i setup the PWM Frequency hight the moter dont make noise .

If i go low it does .

Do i have more torque whit low frequency ?


What kind of motor are you asking about? What electronics are you using to control that motor? In general, the torque of a brushed DC motor should not directly be affected by the frequency of a PWM input.



i have 12v brushed motors and pololu 15v18 motor controller and 3s lipo bat.

i just use 1/3 power for max. (1000 from 3200)

and i think i have more torque on the motors if i go down whit the PWM frequency .

What PWM frequencies are you using? How did you test the torque? What are the specifications for your motor? (It would be useful if you could link to a product page or datasheet for it.)