Motor Driver MD03A No Power to Motor

I have an MD03A connected to an Arduino Mega 2560, trying to make one 12V motor run. I have the inA, inB, PWM, 5V , and ground connected to the arduino. There is a 9V battery connected to the motor driver. I ran some code that I found online, which should supposedly make the motor run forward and backward. The LED lights are working, as they flash red, and then green. There is no current running to where the motor is supposed to receive power, so the motors do not run. I have tested the motor and 9V, and they are not at fault. Is this a problem with the way I set up the motor driver, a broken driver, or broken code?

Image of setup:

Code Used

My pins are correctly connected with the code.


Thank you for including pictures of your setup and the code you are using. I did not notice any problems with your connections or code; however, it looks like you are using a 9V battery. Please note that we do not recommend powering motors from 9V batteries as they are not great at sourcing current. You can find more helpful information like this in the “Understanding battery capacity: Ah is not A” blog post.

Can you try switching out your 9V battery for a different supply (such as a AA battery pack) and see if that fixes the problem? Also, can you try connecting your power source directly to the red and black power wires on the motor to make sure it works as expected?