Motor Driver for Nema 23, 2.8A, 3.36 V

Hi everyone. I’m new in this forum and I don’t sepeak english very well, I’ve seen this question before in this topic but the question is from 2017, the conclusion is that pololu doesn’t have stepper drivers for this current but in the present in the stepper motor drivers section there are motor drivers like TB67S128­FTG with 5A peak current per phase, I use DRV8825 drivers but I want change them with new drivers, my quiestion is.
Can we use TB67S128FTG with a program and connection similar to the DRV8825 driver to drive the nema 23 stepper motor?

Thank you in advance.


Both the TB67S128FTG and DRV8825 have a step and direction interface, so the connections and programming will be similar. We have wiring diagrams on the respective product pages, so I suggest you compare those to get an quick sense of the differences.

Please note that while the TB67S128FTG is more appropriate for controlling a 2.8 A stepper motor than the DRV8825, you still will not get the full 2.8 out of that driver continuously. Instead, I would recommend using our new high-power stepper motor driver 36v4.

By the way, in case you are not already aware of them, we also have a selection of Tic stepper motor controllers with high-level control interfaces that you might find more convenient for your project.


Thanks. I’d already seen the Pololu High-Power Stepper Motor Driver 36v4, but I don´t have much time in this project so I want use the TB67S249FTG Stepper Motor Driver Compact Carrier with additional cooling.
If I remove the DRV8825 and place the TB67S249FTG, does the driver work correctly?

The TB67S249FTG and DRV8825 boards have the same form factor and many of the pins are in the same location, so it is possible one could be used as a substitute for the other in some systems. However, they are not direct drop-in replacements, so you would need to determine if any adjustments are required to make the change in your particular system.