Motor controller caught fire!

I am using the Dual G2 High-Power Motor Driver 24v14 Shield to control two MY1016 300W 24V motors. They are both under heavy load at start up and during use. They are rated for 29A each so I soldered in 150kOhm resistors between VREF and GND to use the current chopping feature but the driver still caught fire after only a few short seconds of run time. Additionally, my Arduino program ramps up the PWM signal from 0 to 255 over the course of 2 seconds in order to keep inrush current low.
Am I using the wrong driver? Should I go with something a bit beefier? if so any recommendations?


I am sorry to hear about your G2 High Power Motor Driver catching fire. The 24v14 driver seems very underpowered for your motor, and it looks like you set the current limit to around 25A, which might not have been low enough to protect the driver.

Motor manufacturers can mean different things when listing the rated current of a motor (e.g. stall current, current at maximum efficiency, recommended maximum run current, etc), so your 29A motor might have a stall current on the order of a couple hundred amps. The RoboClaw 2x60A Motor Controllers are the highest power option we carry and they might be enough, but you might also do some looking around to see what others are using to control motors like wheelchair motors (which seem like they might be similar scale to your motor).

If you post more information about your motor as well as pictures of your setup and the damage, I might be able to offer more advice.